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Credit for Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts in Latvia spent an average of 70 euros in 2014 – not a small amount. Unfortunately, the times when people could be blessed with their presence alone are gone, but if you don’t have the money to make the most wonderful holiday gift for your loved ones, you can also borrow money. Here we look at options for borrowing quickly to bring joy to your loved ones.

Christmas Gift Credits

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Although lenders no longer do promotions, such as giving a movie ticket or attending a concert, one gift from lenders is available throughout the year – you can borrow for free. Here are three great examples of lenders who are particularly profitable to borrow:

  • Hailey Loan – Offers your first interest-free loan. Loans up to € 300 for the first time, then more. Great offer for anyone who wants to borrow at a great bargain.
  • Credit24 – Offers up to EUR 3,000 to borrow for the first time. Great holiday loan for those who need bigger sums for Christmas.
  • Joah Personal Credit – borrow up to 1500 euros. Good, reliable lender, especially for those who have ever borrowed from a lender but want to save.

Loans for larger gifts

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If you want to go out with your family somewhere, maybe buy a new TV (God forbid, if Christmas coincides with an anniversary – wedding anniversary or birthday) or something else – just to say something big – you can borrow it from consumer credit providers. These include bank and non-bank lenders. You will find good deals at Joah Personal Credit and Credit24, which issue up to 1500 and 3000 euros respectively.

Borrow responsibly. Nobody wants to start 2015 with a whistling purse, but if you borrow responsibly, everything will be fine. According to a folkloric adage, “a Christmas gift is better than a lanyard,” but if you aren’t very self-indulgent, there may be other solutions that do not cost money – make a gift yourself, write a longer lanyard, be creative, because it is sorely missed. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!